300 Tuffy

300 Tuffy

The original Tuff Tender was designed for use as a tender vessel for larger craft, however because of its incredible stability and shallow draft it soon became popular with fisherman who wanted a small go anywhere boat to reach those hard to access areas.

The new and improved 300 Tuffy still keeps the DNA of the Tuff Tender regarding its incredible stability while also adding improved features with fisherman in mind with extra storage facilities and casting deck. The cast deck and rear seats all have usable storage with water repellent raised lips to keep things dry, and the hull shape has been improved for better performance.

All the internal and gunwale surfaces are non-slip, and the hand rails are more usable than its predecessor. Other features include through hull drainage in anchor well, easy boarding via the larger rear steps, drainage channel on floor, divider option for front storage compartment, wide gunwales and a recessed tow eye.


Length 3.05m
Length on trailer 4.30m
Height on trailer 1.10m
Beam 1.50m
Depth 0.58m
Weight 108kg
Shaft Length 15.00 inches
HP Rating 15
Capacity 3 People/217kg

The ultimate outboard motor

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