A New revolution in propulsion

WATERGRIP is a stainless-steel propeller series offering an accurate response to a user operation. Converting engine power into propulsion with high efficiency, this propeller series meets our customer’s demand for bigger, faster, more powerful outboards.

The WATERGRIP propeller series employs a new interchangeable and square-shaped propeller bush that minimises power loss in delivery.


The WATERGRIP series will be the new standard for Suzuki propellers.

The interchangeable square-shaped bush system is designed for quick and easy replacement when required, and also accurately and efficiently converts power from the engine to thrust through the propeller.


The WATERGRIP SPORT stainless steel propellers feature a high rake blade design for excellent acceleration and exceptional top speed. These propellers are ideal for lightweight sports boats as they give remarkably stable thrust when turning for superior manoeuvrability.


Our flagship models, the DF350A, DF325A and DF300B, introduced the Suzuki Dual Prop System, an industry-leading technology, which delivers outstanding and exciting performance. The two contra-rotating propellers, operating simultaneously, enable greater conversion efficiency as well as better stability, grip, and manoeuvrability.



Suzuki Stainless Steel Propellers offer a higher level of performance and durability over standard Aluminum propellers. Their aggressive design enhances the overall performance of the boat and the durability of stainless steel ensures long term dependability. Suzuki Stainless Steel propellers are also fitted with a rubber cushion hub to help absorb vibration and shock should they strike a foreign object.

Available on DF60 - DF140
Aluminium propellers are fitted standard on portable to medium range of outboards. Medium outboards above 60hp can be upgraded to standard stainless steel or one of the applicable Watergrip series propellers.

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