Polycraft Boats

3m Tuff Tender

4.1 Challenger

4.5 Drifter

For over half a century now, the world’s small boat designers and manufacturers have been using two basic materials, which are strong, attractive and seaworthy. Research and development of new materials for the past decades has proven that Polyethylene, the material of the 21st century, succeeds the strength of any other conventional used boat building materials and offers an incredible smooth ride in rough waters.

The Polycraft release is gaining momentum and making a huge impact in the Australian boat scene. While the concept of boats constructed of polyethylene may not be new, it is certainly amazing, using the hull designs that have been established. The Poly pre-planing wake conversion chines promote lift, driving that lift toward the stern for faster transition to plane and improved engine efficiency. Rear pods extend to the back of the motor, also assisting with lift and lessening the drag. The unique double hull is seamless and moulded in one rotary action with two skins, creating a hollow core. The outer skin flexes while underway, absorbing the impact of the waves. Any vibration is dampened by the layer of air between the skins and then deadened by the internal skin, making it a very soft and quite boat to ride in. The reverse chines make the boats extremely stable and they ride like a dream.

Using Rotathene rotational compounds means these boats are UV resistant and are designed and developed to meet the extremes of Australia’s tough climatic conditions

As with a lot of “newish” products, acceptance of the product comes with a little intrepidation and any attempt to assure the buyer of the product’s merit is simply past off as “sales talk”. The Polycraft boats and the material they are made from (POLYETHALENE) is often mistakenly referred to as PVC, a material that breaks down over time and excessive exposure to the sun. The Polyethalene used in Polycraft boats has a UV rating of 11, which is the highest rating available and translates to 4 times the rating of your council garbage bin.

Since pioneering the manufacture of polyethylene powerboats in Australia back in 1998, Polycraft has delivered continual product improvement as advancements in materials and manufacturing processes have become available. This product improvement has just taken a massive leap forward with Polycraft obtaining exclusive rights to a state-of-the-art resin called Aquathene Max HD which will eventually see all Polycraft boats lighter, stiffer and more durable than ever. The surface finish is also a lot smoother than the predecessors.

Polycrafts have always been known for their stability, strength and durability and about the only criticism was they were a little heavy for their size when compared to aluminium. Well that criticism has now been answered thanks to Aquathene Max HD which will result in Polycrafts being similar weight to aluminium boats without compromising stability or durability.

Over the last 24 years Marine Scene has sold various brands of trailerable fibreglass and aluminium boats, but for the last 8 years it has just been Polycraft. We are so impressed with the Polycraft range, we CHOOSE to sell no other brand. When you compare such things as; unmatched strength, soft and quite ride, excellent performance, little to no maintenance, no corrosion, ease of operation, it becomes a “no brainer”………..Polycraft all the way.

Due to our brand exclusiveness, the knowledge and expertise we have on the Polycraft boats is second to none……….so to are our stock levels. At any time you can see most of the range and discuss, with our friendly staff, the “ins and outs” of a Polycraft boat to suit your needs and budget.

Remember, Marine Scene sells ONLY POLYCRAFT BOATS, so be sure to call us when you’re thinking Polycraft